How you can pocket $1,000 to $5,000
in just 2 hours by negotiating your
biggest expense... your rent.

I back my "Lower Your Rent" system with a six month, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee. You are not going to piss off your landlord, but you will save thousands of dollars by following the steps I show you, or, I insist that you get every penny back.

Keep reading to discover...

  • ... how to tell if you're a candidate for cheaper rent
  • ... if it's so easy, why doesn't everybody do it?
  • ... how to improve your relationship with your landlord by asking for a rent decrease
  • ... "Copy-and-paste into an email" and "read-into-a-phone" scripts you can use today
  • ... a valuable bonus gift that will make you richer and more successful


  • Proven negotiation strategies you can use for more than lowering your rent. Get a raise, find clients - even get a better deal on a car. I'll show you how.

I'm all about getting Big Wins - and a negotiating a better rent is probably one of the quickest Big Wins you can get. By following the simple action plan contained in Lower Your Rent, you can stay right where you are, or snag that dream apartment and potentially slash your monthly rent costs by $200 or more.

No one teaches you negotiation in college. It's one of those skills some of us gain from the "school of hard knocks." (Those who don't learn it go through life paying more for many things - like their rent - and being underpaid at work.)

I developed my rent negotiation strategy while I was Stanford dealing with my first landlord's unreasonable rates. When my friends had similar problems, I refined the process and perfected it until it worked again and again for friends and students.

And now, with Lower Your Rent, you can gain and master these same skills in a couple of hours. Putting it in action to gain a huge payback on your time and could be the easiest money you've ever "earned".

If the following describes you, then this system won't help. Sorry.

  • You happen to live in a red-hot rental market where properties are very difficult to find and renters routinely bid over and above the asking price. (Then again, some of these strategies and scripts may help you fend off that next rent increase.)
  • You're having trouble paying your rent on time right now or have a lousy credit score (face it, you're NOT going to be in a great negotiating position.)

But if these other things describe you, then reading this letter could make you thousands of dollars year after year.

  • You want to lower your monthly rent, so you have more money to invest, put towards a down payment on a house or just to spend on the things you love.
  • You think you might be overpaying on rent, and are sick of throwing money out the window.
  • You're paying the market rate for your rent, in which case you should probably still negotiate.
  • Your lease is within 6 months of expiring, and it will be ready to renew soon.
  • You're renting month-to-month, but would consider signing a longer lease.
  • You're considering moving to another place, but wouldn't mind staying if the rent was lowered.
  • You're looking for your first rental and are considering signing a lease for the first time.
  • You're a good tenant who pays on time, has good credit, doesn't trash the place or cause trouble, and may even add value by helping out your neighbors or landlord.
  • You're a landlord yourself, and want to get the inside scoop on strategies your tenants may use to negotiate their rent.

You're going to be angry after getting your rent lowered. You're going to look back at
all those years of wasted rent increases and kick yourself for not knowing this system
years ago! Don't claim you weren't warned!

So why doesn't everyone do this?

There are two answers to this question:

  1. Most people don't realize they can lower their rent and
  2. Many of the rest don't know what to say

So just by reading this much, you're already 20% of the way there. You know there is a big opportunity here, and the information and scripts you get in "Lower Your Rent" will help you get it, with very little effort.

Think about all of the money you spend in rent each month. All those after-tax dollars you are literally flushing down the toilet every month.

Lower Your Rent shows you simple strategies that can get you a rent decrease without any pain or hassle - even if you've been given a flat out NO before, or told "you don't like it, leave." And that's why I INSIST you use my wording and my process, because it works.

How to improve your relationship with your landlord by asking for a rent decrease

Negotiating with your landlord doesn't have to be frightening, it doesn't have to get ugly, and it doesn't have to be a relationship-breaker. In fact, following the steps and scripts in "Lower Your Rent" can actually improve your relationship with your landlord over the short and long term.

That's because no matter what the outcome, you'll feel empowered. Your landlord will see you in a new light, and do things to keep you as a tenant. He or she may even be less likely to mess with you later (such as failing to return your deposit or otherwise jerking you around.)

You'll also become a master at the psychology behind negotiating your rent successfully. You can figure out exactly what makes your landlord or property manager tick, what's important to him or her, and what you have to you can hit a "home run" without suffering through endless, time-consuming negotiations that go nowhere.

Find your landlord's hot buttons, and press them

I realize everyone's situation is different. Perhaps you're not renting yet, but looking for a place. Maybe you recently renewed your lease or already agreed to a rent increase. Maybe you're already getting a deal (of course, how do you know for sure?)

Lower Your Rent is so detailed it actually works in over 100 situations, so it's the opposite of one size fits all. It's this size is made for you! It gives you everything you need to cut your monthly rental expenses by hundreds of dollars.

But that's not all. You see, every landlord is different, too. You've got...

  • Individuals who own a few properties or just one.
  • Big companies that own chains of rental housing.
  • Mid-sized property management firms that oversee dozens of rentals.
  • Intermediaries who represent any one of these types of landlords.

And they ALL have different "hot buttons."

Lower Your Rent shows you how to figure out these "hot buttons," no matter what kind of landlord you have. Once you understand what they are, you'll be able to tailor your negotiation strategy and scripts accordingly and achieve your target rent.

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll discover in Lower Your Rent...

How To Prepare

  • Determine how much of a reduction to ask for at the starting point of your discussions.
  • Know exactly how much leverage you have in getting the rent reduction you want-this is KEY to a successful negotiation.
  • Determine the fair market value of your apartment so you come up with a realistic negotiating goal. Plus research shortcuts to save you hours of time.
  • Best online sources to research comparable rental properties in your area-yes, there is a "renter's MLS", here's how to find it.

Tough-market strategies

  • Lower Your Rent without getting screwed if you live in a high demand, low supply market.

"What if" scenarios

  • Lower Your Rent even if you're already paying at or below-market value.
  • Find a "hidden gem" on a fixer upper if you're handy with tools and willing to put in a little sweat equity in return for a rock-bottom deal on rent.
  • Negotiate rent when you deal with a property management company or other big company instead of an individual owner.
  • What to do if your landlord simply won't budge-or how to know when to fold them (and do it graciously).
  • Know who to talk to if your rental property is owned by a big company or property management firm. Avoid wasting your time dickering with someone who doesn't have final say or control.

Stress-free strategies

  • Cut a better deal with a potential landlord without jeopardizing that perfect new place you just fell in love with.
  • Best way to practice your face-to-face negotiation before it happens for the best possible outcome.
  • Best places to conduct your face-to-face negotiations with your landlord-and the one place you should avoid.
  • How to make your landlord an offer he or she can't refuse-and even thank you for later.

Stop getting "nickel and dimed"

  • Stop paying pet fees, parking fees, storage unit fees, and other nuisance fees, even if it's a "chain" apartment rental.
  • Not only Lower Your Rent on a new place, but drastically reduce the amount of deposit you're required to put down.
  • Avoid a steep break-lease fee if you have to move for your job, decide to buy, or for any reason...and get your deposit back to boot.

Reading and sending the right signals

  • Get inside your landlord's head-and prepare for any possible objection in advance.
  • Surefire signs a potential landlord is desperate for a tenant-and ready to cut a deal-for example, how to find out how many units are actually vacant (or about to be) in your building.
  • Negotiate rent and other terms for a new place without sending out signals that you're a nitpicker or difficult tenant.

Tough-people strategies

  • Avoid a rent increase if you've been told by your landlord that your rent is going up.
  • Get a rent decrease even if you're forced to renew six months in advance, and your rent typically goes up every year.
  • Assess your greatest attributes as a tenant-and use them to make your landlord realize they'd be crazy to lose you, and want to work with you to keep you.
  • Get your landlord to agree to a rent decrease even if he or she is the biggest, cheapest tightwad in the world (here's where my hard-won "negotiate like an Indian" secrets really come in handy.)
  • Strategies and scripts that work for ANY landlord-even if he or she is a cheapskate, a butthead, not completely trustworthy, or just plain ruthless.

Risk-free strategies

  • Get what you want-whether it's a rent decrease, home improvement, or long overdue repairs-without ruining your relationship with your landlord.

My system is so good, you can choose
whether to use it face-to-face,
on the phone, or even by email

What really makes Lower Your Rent so valuable are the scripts I've included. These tested scripts give you a proven method for success and will obliterate any roadblocks that may arise during a negotiation. You get scripts for email (or letters, if your landlord is behind the times), phone, and face-to-face communications that help you:

Would you invest $97 to get $1000 back in 2 hours?

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Bonus: Special 1-hour Master Class on Negotiating Salary

I reveal some of my very best negotiating tactics in this video that can not only boost your salary, but help you negotiate better in other areas of your life.

The same tactics you'll discover helped one of my students negotiate a $10,000 raise-even after she made a critical mistake. You'll see the actual words she used in her us role play the negotiation...and understand the psychology of negotiation.

For a one-time investment of $97

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Once you discover how easy is to lower your rent, you'll use that knowledge year after year.
Imagine you saved only $200/month -- nothing more. Over 20 years, that's $48,000 for only 2 hours of work.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us.
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